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Introducing Jaydess® The smaller, lower-dose intrauterine system.


Jaydess® is a new T-framed, lower-dose levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) that offers women up to 3 years of freedom from contraceptive routine. Jaydess® is a convenient and effective long-term contraceptive and, compared with oral contraceptives and other short-acting methods, is not dependent on daily compliance. Jaydess® is the smallest and lowest-dose intrauterine system available and acts mainly locally. The smaller T-frame and hormone reservoir of Jaydess® allow you to place it using the narrowest insertion tube compared with the only other marketed LNG-IUS .

Jaydess® exerts its effect on cervical mucus, the endometrium, and sperm motility and function. Jaydess® is not an abortifacient and has minimal effect on ovulation.

Who can use Jaydess®?

Because Jaydess® is placed with the narrowest insertion tube compared with the only other marketed LNG-IUS, it may be more suitable for a wider range of women, including:

  • Women with a tighter cervical canal (e.g. nulliparous women or parous women who have only ever had a Cesarean section and those with cervical stenosis after surgical procedure)
  • Women who have concerns about placement-related pain

In addition, because Jaydess® releases the lowest daily dose of levonorgestrel compared with the only other marketed LNG-IUS and is indicated for 3 rather than 5 years of contraception, Jaydess® may be suitable for:

  • Women who would prefer shorter, less frequent menses rather than amenorrhea
  • Women with a preference for lower hormonal exposure
  • Younger women with changing plans or women who wish to have a child in less than 5 years

Jaydess® is supported by a large body of clinical evidence

Jaydess® is highly effective at preventing pregnancy during 3 years of use, is generally well tolerated, and is not associated with any new or unexpected safety events. In addition, clinical data show that women who use Jaydess® benefit from the convenience of shorter, less frequent menses, reductions in menstrual pain, and increases in amenorrhea over time during use.

In Jaydess® clinical studies, the majority of placements and removals were considered ‘easy’ by investigators, approximately two-thirds of women reported no more than mild pain during placement, and approximately 95% of women were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisfied’ with Jaydess®.

The efficacy and safety of Jaydess® continue to be investigated through a number of ongoing and planned clinical studies.€

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